Cooperation project “Small Towns European Debates Network”

LAG Ludza district partnership participates in the international cooperation project "Small Towns European Debates Network", EU program "Europe for Citizens".

In the new programing period 2021-2027 will be created network of small cities in rural areas with the aim of fostering knowledge transfer and innovation in development of sustainable and inclusive European future. Partners form 6 countries, all sharing the same european values, want to exchange good practices on development policies in small European cities, foster citizen debates on rural development issues and to create the network of small, smart, green and innovative cities in European rural areas. We have found that challenges we are facing in Europe today - euroscepticism, xenophobia, depopulation of rural areas and wires (on borders and in hearts) can be beaten only by thinking outside of the box and creating better european future, better jobs, better economy, better environment, better social cohesion and better communities for all of us, being born European or being our new neighbours and colleagues. We will focus on 4 crucial european issues that we will have to deal with in 2021-2027 having always in the mind the integration of immigrants and knowledge and skills they bring in our common future. The topics are: environment and food production, digitalization, green economy with emphasis on green tourism and social inclusion and generational renewal. The project will include experts, decision makers and the most important people - the citizens. Around 400 people will discuss and share and visionaire the european future but also influence the european policies. Through all activities we will foster multicultural understanding and finding the common ground as Europeans. We will also include volunteers especially the older (54+) people in preparational activities for the meetings as the part of their long life learning and improving their social inclusion.

Leading partner is Grad Pregrada from Croatia, and associated partners Obcina Zuzemberk from Slovenia, Mairie de Ploeuc-L'Hermitage from France, Centre for Economic and Rural Development from Bosnia and Hercogovina, Siksali Arendusselts MTÜ from Estonia, CENTER ZA IZOBRAZEVANJE IN KULTURO     TREBNJE JAVNI ZAVOD from Slovenia, Biedriba Ludzas rajona partneriba from Latvia, Lokalna akcijska grupa Zagorje – Sutla from Croatia.