About Us


Association “Ludza District Partnership” was founded on June 30, 2006. Partnership realizes targeted and mutually coordinated actualities for rural development that encourages society to look for new solutions for existing rural problems.

The goal of the partnership is to increase capacity of the local people and organizations by implementing own projects of the local initiative groups according to accepted rural development strategy by Local active group and promoting sustainable rural development as well as  welfare of the citizens.
The main tasks of the partnership:
  • to promote initiatives of local communities which are focussed on problem solving in rural areas;
  • with the help of public participation develop strategies for sustainable rural development and ensure its implementation;
  • to develop capacity of the local communities in the territory of Ludza District Partnership;
  • to establish working groups and coalition for solving rural development issues in local, regional, national and international level;
  • to coordinate and attract financial, material, intellectual and other recourses to achieve Ludza District Partnership objectives;
  • to develop cooperation with foreign and Latvian local governments and non-governmental organizations, companies and other legal institutions to promote rural development in Ludza District Partnership territory.

The motto of Ludza District Partnership: “Respect your cultural values and all the world will be interested in you.”

The operational area of the partnership is in the European Union, in Latvia, in eastern part of Latgale region, it is a border territory with the Russian Federation and contains 4 districts: Cibla, Karsava, Ludza and Zilupe areas.